Custom Bridal

The Jewelry Gallery of Oyster Bay offers custom engagement ring services with the guarantee of personalized attention, high-quality pieces and complete satisfaction!
To help create the bridal jewelry of your dreams, our diamond professionals will help you determine a budget and timeline based around your ideas. 

We start each consultation with an education of the Four C's to help you understand the diamond grading system and create a hassle-free diamond selection process. 

We then curate a variety of diamonds based on your needs and begin the setting customization process.

We can help you design a ring from scratch, whether it's based on images you have seen or ideas you have, and then add unique detailing to personalize the piece. 
Using professional digital programs we create a rendering of the ring to work out the intricate details. Once the project is approved by the client, we oversee the creation of the ring.  
We guarantee complete satisfaction, and our family-owned business network allows us to create the jewelry of your dreams at highly competitive prices.  
All of our diamond engagement rings come with an independent third party appraisal from either GIA, IGI or EGL, the most respected grading companies in the world. This certification ensures that you know exactly what you are purchasing. If you choose to insure your engagement ring, the insurance company will require these certification papers. You will not have to go and purchase this document independently as it is provided for you.
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We always welcome you to visit our stores in Huntington Village and historic Oyster Bay, New York to view our current diamond, engagement ring and wedding band selection. 

For clients located outside of New York, we are happy to work with you by phone or email.

To view our engagement ring settings available to purchase now, click HERE. All you have to do is pick the perfect center stone!

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